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To anyone thinking about orthokeratology with Dr. Fenn, do it!  He is passionate about this exciting treatment option and you should be too.  

During the consultation appointment Dr. Fenn took the time to explain how ortho-k works and answer my questions about what to expect.  After measuring me for the right fit he inserted the lenses and we waited for ten minutes to pass.  When he removed the lenses I literally could not believe my eyes; I could read the chart as if I was wearing glasses.

To anyone thinking about ortho-k with Dr. Fenn, do it!
— Mike Foglietta


Dr. Fenn's goal is patient satisfaction with a strong focus on eye health.  He reviewed how to wear and care for my lenses, gave written instructions and even called me at home on my first night of wearing the lenses to check if I had any questions.  Ortho-k lenses are very easy to insert and remove after a short learning period.  They are very comfortable to wear (you are asleep after all) and caring for the lenses only adds a few short minutes to my morning routine.  The decision to use ortho-k was an easy one after meeting with Dr. Fenn.  I am very pleased with my vision results and Dr. Fenn's support through consultation, initial treatment and follow-up appointments.

Mike Foglietta, age 34

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Orthokeratology has been a terrific experience.  It has given me a newfound freedom after depending on glasses and soft contact lenses for many years.  After a thorough consultation and assessment with Dr. Fenn, he determined I was a great candidate for ortho-k.  After discussing the benefits and risks he and his helpful staff trained me on the insertion, removal and care of the lenses.  After wearing soft contact lenses for many years it did not take me long to adapt.

I can truly say without reservation I would recommend ortho-k with Dr. Fenn....
— Fiona B.

The care I received from Dr. Fenn has been nothing short of top notch.  He takes the time to explain the procedure and answered all my questions.  He is extremely thorough and very approachable.  I had access to him at all times as he ensured that I had his email and cell number to contact him at any time with any questions or concerns.  He definitely goes above and beyond and has made my ortho-k experience a great one.  I can truly say without reservation I would recommend ortho-k with Dr. Fenn, a truly stellar optometrist!


Fiona B.